Data security is one of our top priorities

Our technical team takes every precaution to implement the world's most advanced data security practices. Since this topic is so essential at our company, here are some key facts about data security policy.

Data hosting

Helu is a web application. The data is hosted 100% securely in the background on a private network. They are therefore inaccessible via the public network (Internet). Not available even to internal employees without explicit permissions. In general, Helu uses the most modern technologies to store data in a secure way. We use the best security systems available worldwide.

DSGVO compliant and stored in Germany

The data is stored exclusively on German servers in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

Data encryption

Sensitive data is encrypted in the database and in the physical storage.

Continual encryption updates

To update security, there are continuous automated security updates of all 3rd party services and libraries. Running systems are only accessible through a load balancer that acts as a security gateway. Via HTTPS we use only tap-proof and encrypted data communication. Additionally, all types of access tokens change regularly.

Data sovereignty

Our customers have complete control over their data at all times and can always permanently delete all data from Helu with a click. No support is required for this, each customer has data sovereignty over their own data at all times with Helu.

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