For finance teams

Spend less time processing data and more time understanding the numbers

Data processing isn’t your job - analysis is.

Helu marries data from DATEV with other key business and financial data into one cohesive source for streamlined, dynamic reports in minutes.

Customize and align
your KPIs

Save up to 50% of time
processig data

Create report scenarios
in minutes

No more hunting
for error-prone calculations

Work as a team

Share and collaborate on any report, budget or scenario to create a consensus around the metrics that matter most.

Make discrepancies
a thing of the past

Maintain data integrity throughout all reports and scenarios and streamline cross-departmental KPI’s.

The most important functions
at your fingertips

Scenario Analysis

Build stunning dashboards to align everyone on your plan vs. actuals.

P&L, cashflow, balance sheet

Create endless scenarios while maintaining full data integrity.

Creditor and debitor analysis

Access detailed summaries of bookings via identity-based queries

KPI Standardisation

Set key targets around the most important numbers for your team

Editable Budgets

Directly update or manage key numbers into existing in-app budgets.

User Access Rights

Share data with the right members of your team to streamline the reporting process

Drill Down into Data

Examine any discrepancy and drill down to single bookings